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Primate Services

Primate is a visualization software company that specializes in situational awareness in control room operations. Primate offers services for each stage of control room processing by assisting with the initial design of content, followed by the content development, then testing and deployment, and finally “after-the-fact” situational awareness assessments. These phases assist customers in evolving and improving the effectiveness of control center operations. The primary reason for the control room is to serve the control room staff, so design for users is critical to creating an effective environment and achieving user acceptance.
  • CONTROL ROOM DISPLAY DESIGN: Prepare and establish control room content designs; LEARN MORE
  • VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION TESTING SERVICES: Customer-witnessed testing services to ensure that the video wall technology performs as it should, especially under stress conditions and also ensure the compatibility between the video wall technology and the Situational Awareness software; LEARN MORE
  • AGGREGATION & INTEGRATION: Primate works with customer’s support team to select the best approach to aggregate and integrate data from for improved situational awareness system-wide view; LEARN MORE
  • WARRANTY & MAINTENANCE: Primate provides annual maintenance and software support options that include an assigned account manager and 24/7 technical support; and LEARN MORE
  • CONSULTING:Primate’s provides consulting services for building and upgrading state-of-the-art control room environments and displays. LEARN MORE

Whether developing a dynamic display, maintaining an existing system or providing consulting services; Primate works with control room operators, dispatchers and the support staff to produce impressive situational and operational control room displays. Our software functionality helps prevent situations before they occur and assists operators and dispatchers in quickly resolving mission critical issues.