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Who is Primate?

Quick market results, superior performance and top-notch quality customer service allows Primate to remain the leading producer of situational and operational awareness in control rooms.
Authorized users view real-time dynamic information on desktop computers, display walls, and mapboards. Additionally, users interact to supplement the content with additional visual notes to provide more informative data to users outside of the control room in a very secure manner.
  • The ability to view a single big picture of the current and evolving conditions of a territory and the surrounding area.
  • Prevention of critical situations by providing early notification of potential problems.
  • Effective wall and desktop design techniques that maximize the aesthetics and functional effectiveness of each unique control room environment.
  • Tools that allow for effortless and secure sharing of information without interruption.
  • Collaborative help through pictures and visual notes where information is shared and without the need for hours of explanation.
  • The relief of administrative, security, and regulatory burdens.