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Primate Solutions

Primate is the authoritative resource for visualization solutions in control room environments and improves situational awareness (SA) and operational awareness (OA) for decision makers at all levels. Users have increased visual communication from dynamic content on desktop computers and display video walls. Primates software solutions focus on supporting the mission critical elements of real-time information.
  • MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT: Primate's software solutions are designed to optimize performance on many surfaces. Displays are designed so that situational and operational data is even visible on smart phone and tablet browsers. This allows control room operators, dispatchers, the support staff, and the executive management team to have critical information handy.

  • ENHANCEMENTS: Primate offers additional features that enhance current solution capabilities such as visualization planning, weather overlay options, the ability to replay system events and securely view display information outside the control room. These product upgrades help keep our software on the cutting edge in a changing, competitive environment.

  • icon Easy Viewing at a Distance
  • icon Visual Indications of Temporary Conditions
  • icon Mission Critical Data Management
  • icon Automated Manual Relief
  • icon Platform Independent Framework
  • icon Phone, Tablet and Multi-Browser Support
  • icon Health Monitoring & Back-up
  • icon Cyber Security Compliance