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Primate offers additional features that enhance current solution capabilities. These product upgrades help keep our software up-to-date in a changing, competitive environment. Contact a Primate representative today, to see if the below enhancements fit your needs.
  • PLANNING VISUALIZATION: A working platform with knowledge of current system conditions that allows work orders to be reviewed in a simulated environment just prior to execution. This gives users the ability to review any changes that may be required based upon real-time conditions, while eliminating many errors and improving safety.
  • WEATHER PRODUCTS: Weather radar overlays a geographic or near-geographic display that shows a user’s system assets. Knowing that the weather may impact this user’s assets, it’s helpful to see and plan for potential weather impacts. Integrating weather radar, severe weather alerts and lightning strike information on a display showing a user’s other assets significantly improves decision-making which may significantly improve the bottom line.
  • RESILIENCY: Control Rooms are being challenged to increase the resiliency of their operations. Primate offers practical solutions that can make significant improvements in this area. When a mission critical source system becomes unavailable (e.g. the failure of a communication system that causes significant loss of data), the Primate environment retains the last-known good value and have methods to assist operators in tracking status when there are data gaps. It also provides an environment for tracking and managing updates until failed resources are restored.
  • REPLAY: This enhancement is useful for several reasons. Historical examples can be used for training of control room users or operators. Alternatively, users may choose to perform a post-event analysis and review, such as after a major storm. Users may also want to review important events of the previous shift with the next user coming on shift. Also, other users may Replay saved cases from the production environment for playback in a non-production environment.
  • TOPOLOGY & NETWORK MODEL: System drawings deployed by Primate’s customer describe the organization of their system assets. Primate Topology parses through these drawings to understand the component-level configuration of the system. This results in a detailed description of the connectivity of the system. The new Primate Topology model shall have full independent topology capabilities that are automatically established based on elements in that display and be capable of showing the entire system, independent of the telemetered system. The automation of the topology is a Primate patent-pending product.
  • CORPORATE DISPLAY VIEWING: Displays within a control center present a wealth of information about real-time condition of the system. For many reasons, the information on the displays would be valuable to staff outside the control room; however, due to security concerns, it is sometimes impractical. Primate displays can help overcome this situation. Data can be pushed to Primate servers in a manner that allows Primate content to sit outside of the electronic security perimeter. Additionally, there is no ability to control assets from the Primate environment.
  • STUDY AND APPLICATION RESULTS: Traditionally, systems present real-time information in one environment and the results of various applications in other environments. In some cases application information is presenting historical or forecasted information; however presenting application data concurrently with real-time data may provide greater situational awareness when presented appropriately. Primate allows real-time information to coexist on a display with the results of application programs.